Kelly Peterson

Operations Manager/Project Executive

Kelly started with Holmberg Mechanical as a Project Manager in January 2015 working on the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington. At the time, Holmberg’s largest and most challenging project-to-date. Since then, Kelly has been actively involved as both a Project Manager & Project Executive on various projects including the Colman Dock Ferry Terminal in Seattle, two middle schools (one of which is phased), and another hotel project in Seattle. Kelly’s focus has been developing & supporting his project team with a singular focus on providing outstanding service to his clients. Kelly also formed our Tech Committee and revamped our internal training now called “HELP” (Holmberg Education & Learning Program). Kelly also serves on the MCAWW Board of Education. Kelly lives in Kirkland with his lovely & talented wife, Kim and their Bernedoodle Doctor “Doc” Prescott.