At Holmberg, we are united and driven to provide the highest quality to our clients and are able to deliver what they want and need with our vast portfolio of successful projects.


Our capabilities are state-of-the-art and we are constantly researching new methods to make the experience an even better one.

Design-Build / Engineering Services

As a design-build mechanical contractor, with our in house professional engineering team, Holmberg performs the integrated roles of engineer, designer, and constructor. This ability provides a unified flow of work from initial concept through completion. Holmberg finds that streamlining project delivery through a single contract between the owner and the design-build team transforms the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance that fosters collaboration and teamwork. United from the onset of the project, Holmberg readily works to successfully complete a project faster, more cost effectively, and with optimized project quality.


Holmberg’s preconstruction services offer the owner and general contractor a foundation to make informed decisions. The pre-construction framework includes defining the project scope, schedule, and costs as early as possible with the most efficient use of resources. This valuable process takes out many of the unknowns of a project and reduces risks to the project. Through this process, we can also identify areas for potential cost savings and value engineering. We find that many of our clients like to evaluate the different scenarios upfront and have a defined path to construct the project.

Detailing, BIM, VDC

At Holmberg, we believe preparing accurate coordination drawings and resolving collisions prior to the start of construction can have a profound impact on the success of a project. Holmberg utilizes drafters and detailers to prepare BIM/3-D coordination drawings in Revit for the mechanical and plumbing (M/P) systems we install. This digital prototyping process allows us to make sure the system is going to fit as intended with the other disciplines before sending material to the job site.

Special Projects

Holmberg’s Special Projects Team specializes in tenant improvements, upgrades, alterations, as well as ongoing service agreements. Our long-term proven team of plumbers, pipe fitters, sheet metal workers, and project managers are skilled at working in occupied spaces and critical environments. Holmberg understands each situation is different and works directly with our customers to develop a work plan that results in the least amount of disruption with the lowest possible cost, while providing the client value added suggestions throughout the project.

Plumbing & Pipefitting Installation

Holmberg employs skilled plumbers and pipefitters. These craftsmen and women are among the best trained and safest skilled tradespeople working in Washington State. Holmberg efficiently installs all piping systems that operate inside of commercial buildings. This includes drinking (potable) water distribution, sanitary waste drainage, storm water systems, gas distribution, Geothermal and HVAC Refrigeration piping,. Holmberg also installs technical systems such as medical gas in hospitals and nursing homes, hydronic in-floor heating, solar thermal panels, heat pumps, cross-connection control and many other systems necessary for the operation of commercial buildings.


Holmberg employs skilled sheet metal workers. These craftsmen and women serve five year apprenticeships and are best trained and safest skilled tradespeople working in Washington State. The Holmberg team efficiently installs and maintains energy efficient commercial climate control systems—such as HVAC heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in schools, hospitals, high rise condominiums, office buildings and shopping malls. These craftspeople use technologically and advanced equipment to install and maintain the equipment that provides us all comfort.

Holmberg has strong partnerships with the General Contractors and Building owners alike. Through these RELATIONSHIPS Holmberg is able to share the STRATEGY and pride in CRAFTSMANSHIP that we are so honored to provide.


Fabrication plays a crucial role in production and quality assurance in mechanical construction. Holmberg has been fabricating mechanical installations for 70 years. With the advent of new technology, we now utilize BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools such as Revit, BIM 360, SisQue, and Trimble to name a few, to ensure accurate lean construction fabrication and delivery. Holmberg has a dedication team and fabrication facility to meets the demands for this work.

We provide our clients and projects, piping skid packages, boiler plants, rack piping and HVAC duct systems. This work is then moved from the construction sites and completed in a manufacturing facility. We have found this practice provides much better control of the safety, quality, schedule, and budget of our projects. The facility concentrates on lean manufacturing processes and delivery.