Alexis Houle

BIM Support Manager

Alexis has spent the majority of her career at Holmberg Mechanical. She started as a BIM Support Specialist when she needed a landing spot out of college, spent a brief period of time in the aerospace industry, and then made her way back to Holmberg as the BIM Support Manager. Alexis came back to Holmberg because she enjoyed the challenge of the fast-paced construction environment and the ability to personally impact a project. After returning to Holmberg, Alexis completed her Master’s in Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Management and took on her current role of Holmberg’s Virtual Construction Manager in Spring of 2022. Alexis has had the opportunity to work on many different projects such as high rises, maritime, schools, and medical. Alexis is passionate about the advancing construction technology and streamlining the virtual construction department. In addition to this, Alexis brings her leadership skills to the table providing exception communication, teamwork, and consistency. Alexis is looking forward to continuing to expand her construction knowledge and propelling the Virtual Construction group into the future.